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LFTI is a charity which exists to rescue children around the world from human trafficking. We provide for their practical needs, minister healing, bring joy to their lives & usher them into the loving arms of a Christian family.
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Our Call

Happily a little girl skips her way home from kindergarten one warm afternoon in early April. It's a bit muggy out as summer is getting a head start this year. As she makes her way...
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Saving one child from the sex trade costs only $1,040. This includes the initial rescue to adoption with a local family. Rescue a child or donate any amount to a specific need.
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Saving Children from the Brothels

Life For The Innocent is a charity for children involved in human trafficking. We invite you to become a part of the solution for this tragic exploitation of God's children.

Join us as we fight the good fight and rescue these little ones even as they are on the way to one of the thousands of brothels. Help us rescue these young lives and give them a new chance at the life God intended them to have. Bringing value and hope into the lives that thought lost.